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Passionate In What We Do!

The Implementing or upgrading of any Business System, Digital Transformation or Change Process is an Investment and effort that begins with strategic planning and extends into implementation and well beyond.

To help optimise a business return on their Technology / Business Systems investment we seek a balance across four dimensions: risk and controls, process optimisation, organisation and people, and technology.

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Here at Verratti we are experts in addressing these issues by helping to improve an organisation’s return on its investment.


We can provide objective advice that is not influenced by systems integration vendors, solutions vendors, and business process outsourcers and offer a more holistic approach to the implementation lifecycle.

We provide total lifecycle guidance and support to clients that undertake any of our services. We help clients navigate through each stage of their project, assisting with ways to help maximise the potential business value. Combining our deep application understanding with business process and control experience, we can help organisations use their systems and application investments to:

  • Leverage technology functionality for better optimisation of processes and business performance. 

  • Help increase reliance on efficient, automated Business system controls and enhance  compliance while focusing on cost reductions.

  • Help improve business risk management.

  • Providing guidance to help ensure a better planned and managed implementation on a variety of systems.

  • The result is a system that is more aligned with business goals, and provides greater opportunity to sustain quality, improve controls and deliver long-term value.

How Verratti can help you - Our Services

Verratti is a consultancy of  professionals offering a range of services that cover each aspect of an Digital Transformation from software implementation life cycle, from strategy development to sustainability, and are outlined below (non-exhaustive list):

  • Vendor selection assistance for software and service providers

  • ERP / Business System strategy development

  • Business process and control design and integration 

  • ERP project risk assessment 

  • System setup / implementation

  • Implementation stabilisation

  • User access and segregation of duties rules design and implementation

  • Reporting and business intelligence

  • Reporting strategy and assessment

  • Data management strategy

  • Control monitoring tool selection and implementation including segregation of duties

  • Security and identity management

Why Verratti?

Everyone of Verratti's professionals combine deep business experience in their unique roles from Enterprise Global Architecture, Finance, Adoption & Training, Rollout, Project Management with technical and functional ERP applications knowledge to help you align your IT services with the goals of the business.

We draw our strength from professionals in Verratti's network of Independent Consultants, who have knowledge of local market conditions as well as regulatory requirements and taxation.

With our ability to see the broad issues, your organisation can benefit from:

  • Advice grounded in business perspective, objectivity, and impartiality. 

  • An understanding of business and financial controls that puts IT controls in context. 

  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, and taxation to help meet business case requirements and facilitate IT decisions. 

  • Knowledge of privacy and security regulations that affect IT requirements. 

  • A full range of service offerings based on experience serving market leaders. 

  • Global breadth, local knowledge.

Verratti's approach is designed to help you achieve a well-planned and well managed realisation of your business strategy and make it a reality.

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